This Gurugram home brings alive a tropical vibe with the elegance of minimalism

A confluence of contours, textured finishes and delicate colours set up a minimalist tropical palette in this very urban 1,400 square-foot Gurugram home designed by Shreya Budhiraja.
The bed is in solid wood and veneer with a teal blue velvet tufted headboard.
Deepak Aggarwal

European sensibilities manifest in earthyIndianmaterial and custom-crafted pieces of furniture in this brand new 1,400 square-foot two-bedroom home, with its charming 12-15 feet-high ceilings, located in a modern high-rise set on 25 acres of lush greens in the heart of Gurugram.

The very sun-lit apartment has been transformed into some form of a sparse tropical paradise washed in ivory tones with an occasional hint of blue, green, white and brown in an otherwise soothingminimalisttapestry. Little elements of teak and contoured silhouettes reflect the design sensibilities of self-taught designer Shreya Budhiraja of interior design studio EyeInspire.

“I was a marketing specialist and a closeted design enthusiast who spent more time designing her wedding venue than her outfit,” smiles Budhiraja, whose professional experience on telling and selling stories has translated into visual stories and审美moodboards that now reflect her clients’ design language.

这所房子属于几个运行自己的布鲁里溃疡sinesses and living a life, which has suddenly picked up speed in every sphere—be it work or their personal lives. “The brief was to make it very calm. It was their first exclusive space and hence sacred. It had to lend towards shaping their future memories,” says Budhiraja. The homeowners discovered their own aesthetic as they designed their home with Budhiraja. And it now speaks for them.

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比安科米色大理石地板继续es through the home into the compact and well-planned living area, which has an eye-catching electric blue velvet sofa upholstered by Floor & Furnishing and a chic abstract hand-knotted carpet from The Ambiente. The coffee table and TV cabinet are both Statuario white marble top pieces with fluted black panelling and wrought iron legs, produced in-house by Budhiraja.

Deepak Aggarwal

Every aspect of the apartment is meant to be relaxing. There are no sharp edges or sudden bursts of colour. Thefurnitureis mostly in curves, an ode to the relaxing shape of arches and domes. Sepia toned artworks of white surfboards and cocktails lying in the sand influence the tropical feel along with a smattering of ceramic artefacts and natural rocks handpicked by the homeowners.

Sheer linen curtains framing tall windows filter thesunlightand add a sheen to the deep blue velvet sofa and a hand-knotted rug—one of many others in the home—woven in the shades of the earth and sea. Incidentally, the sofa was an old-school classical wooden carved piece that belonged to the homeowners, but was refurbished by Budhiraja to blend with the vibe of this home.

Gentle layering and a subtle mix of textures come forth here, like terrazzo, a curtain drape falling in a raw space, multiple photographs of travertine, a raw wall with a black vintage car in front of it, and images of vintage phone booths with white tulips, cold brews and pancakes. The fluted black finish of the TV console reappears in the coffee table and, across the room in white, on the diningtable. With this, the dining area and bedroom feature an interesting green jungle corner that completely enliven the space, and add a masterful layer to the design story.

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The dining area is clad in Bianco beige marble with a teakwood dining table top finished in an eggshell PU. The base is a solid teakwood to give it maximum strength, with fluted panel cladding in stark white. The chairs are also teakwood finished in a custom colour created to get the perfect blend of olive and brown, finished with ivory and grey striped cotton-jute upholstery sourced from Floor & Furnishing. The photo gallery wall—produced in-house by Budhiraja—presents glimpses of glimmering beaches, scintillating cocktails and rich cups of coffee to gently evoke memories of simple joys.

Deepak Aggarwal

While the plush blue velvet resurfaces in the main bedroom’s headboard, the guest bedroom is highlighted by a rich cotton-linen upholstered low-height bed. Elegant earth-toned carpets soften the wood veneer flooring of the bedrooms, complemented by the textured weaves of jute planter pots and a rare glimpse ofmetalthrough a floor-standing curvilinear mirror, another subtle salute to the relaxing arch pattern.

This cozy and casual guest bedroom features a low bed finished and an abstract hand-knotted rug from The Ambiente which creates a contrast from the wooden flooring and also allows enough subtlety to experiment with the playful Cottons & Satins pink bedding with a young geometrical pattern. The side table was locally sourced from the by-lanes of Jaipur. A distressed half-moon mirror fills the room with natural light and adds a layer to the overall texture. A rustic ceramic Indonesian planter sourced from Stone Art purposefully adds scale and raw texture in addition to the velvet bedding. Simple linen sheers filter the sunlight gently.

Deepak Aggarwal

The main bedroom is all about the little details. The symmetry of the bed and wall art is offset by a carved wooden lamp in rustic finish that adds a necessary and interesting layer to the room. The cotton-linen bed-sheet and duvet are from Spread. The bed is in solid wood and veneer with a teal blue velvet tufted headboard. A gold foil frame sourced from Oma encases a photo of the Eiffel Tower, a memory of the homeowners’ time spent in Paris. More rich hand-knotted rugs from The Ambiente finish the bedroom which is clad in solid hardwood oak flooring. The light grey linen sheers have been done by Charu Chauhan.

Deepak Aggarwal

This little nook by the window of the main bedroom is a charming spot highlighted by an arch shaped floor standing mirror (created in-house) that provides a rare glimpse of metal keeping the rule of soothing curves in mind to ensure a relaxing space. The small Good Earth floor lantern is in a distressed mirror with gold metal frames that layer well with the greenery around. While the jute planter is from Okhai, the rest of the planters are from Stone Art.

Deepak Aggarwal

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