This sprawling Chennai bungalow with abundant light flaunts understated luxury

This three-storey 7,600 square-foot bungalow is a surprisingly understated, yet luxurious structure in the heart of Chennai, designed by YellowSub Studio.
The interior of a tranquil home in Chennai.
Yash Jain

It is the subtlety of details that have been brought to life in this home, christened Project Tranquil by the creators. It’s a spot of utter calm, right in the heart of the big city bustle. “There is beauty in simplicity. Good design is that which is not visible to the naked eye,” says Gayatri Gunjal, principal designer, YellowSub Studio, who undertook the internal planning and execution of this three-storey 7,600 square-foot independent bungalow inChennai, with its landscaped garden and terraces, designed from the ground up for a family of six.

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The outdoor terrace acts as a seating lounge on the third floor and a family gathering space attached to the entertainment room. All the outdoor furniture in a neutral grey colour palette has been imported from China.

Yash Jain

The homeowners’ brief was specific: an understated butluxuriouscolour palette blended with some unique pieces that stand out beautifully against the neutrality and reflect their personal tastes. “The outcome was a fusion of the modern with a dash of tradition, designed to invite the outdoors into the indoors,” adds Gunjal whose work was supported by designer on project Damodaran M.S., and in-house design execution lead Premkumar Srinivasan along with Kharche & Associates, who were the principal architects for this home.

“I wanted most of our spaces to look into the outdoors and I think we’ve pulled that off,” smiles homeowner Kirti, co-founder of honey business Somras that she runs with her sister. While the entire ground floor overlooks agardenon one side and rows of planters on the other, the balcony (Kirti’s absolute favourite spot) peeks over the greens, her daughter’s room looks into a gorgeous tree, her son’s room overlooks the garden and the main bathroom leads into an open-to-sky deck.

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The son’s bedroom, the best lit spot of the home, is in a palette of crème tones with shades of grey and subdued blue. Furniture from Lifespace Home, soft furnishings from Good Earth and Ikea, and locally sourced lamps and vases complete the minimalist space.

Yash Jain

The bungalow opens into a double height living room, clearly the highlight of the home, overlooking the landscaped garden. The colour palette throughout the home is a deliberately neutral one—in greys, whites and touches of brown wood, with hints of brushed gold. The dark wood, marble and glasskitchenis elegant. Special sound designers were consulted while planning the double height living room as well as the entertainment lounge room upstairs which has a large projector screen and home theatre system. A chic bar, a clever square dining table and a cool lounge area (that doubles as a guest bedroom when needed) separated by a sliding partition complete the space, becoming the perfect area for hosting guests.

The double height living room forms the heart of the home and overlooks the green outdoors. The light sofa blends with the neutral aesthetic of the space, accentuated by bold cushions that match with the soft pastel violet of the lounge chairs. Art is by Seema Kohli, and the subtle toned carpet is from Jaipur Rugs; a gold and smoked glass double height chandelier has been custom-made from Dorothee Lights, Delhi. It has been combined with the bench and centre table from Lifespace Home.

Yash Jain

旁边的娱乐休息区进餐room converts into a guest bedroom when needed. Tropical print Armani wallpaper accentuates the sleek tan sofa, bold cushions and a set of coffee tables from Lifespace Home. Rustic artefacts from HB the Studio, Chennai, and a metallic and leather rug from Jaipur Rugs finish the space. Most of the fixed panelling through the house is from Lifespace Home.

Yash Jain

The second floor overlooks the living room below and comprises a small lounge and puja room. The daughter’s room and the parents’ room are both finished in contrasting shades of wood. The third floor is all about simplified minimalism. Dark wood accents on the ceiling add some drama to the large main bedroom with an en-suite walk-in wardrobe, which opens into a bathroom with a sky-lit landscape area attached—easily Gunjal’s favourite space in the home. The son’s bedroom, a common study / work-from-home office, gym and spa, and a smallentertainmentlounge with an open terrace and pantry all come together here, becoming the ideal spot for working, studying and small family gatherings.

一楼浴室粉与th毗邻e dining and lounge. It has a large circular mirror that is back-lit to highlight the wall (with subtle bronze textures in the tiles) and the counter.

Yash Jain

“I love an understated home. And I like to add my personal touch with a few Indian elements like my sculptures andart, all from Indian artists,” says Kirti. “I also pick up pieces when I travel so that each one has its own story to tell.” Kirti and her husband Manu, who is into the trading of bearings, were born and bred in Chennai and met while playing badminton. Their home and their weekends are thus full of family and friends they’ve grown up with, which means their space speaks as much for their personal life as their social one. “Rather than a ‘signature style’, this bungalow outlines an aesthetic that combines our design language and the clients’ taste into an outcome of its own,” says Gunjal.

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